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Humanity360 brings greater global social awareness into high school classrooms through the use of interactive media (incl. VR - virtual reality, video, and more), mindfulness and social engagement practices. 

Our mission to broaden students’ perspectives about the lives of others around the globe, shed light on socio-economic and globally pressing issues that pertain to aspects of our shared humanity, and channel heartfelt responses and resolve of youths into meaningful action. 



Getting to know ourselves more fully by getting to know the lives of others

Humanity360 provides a platform to bring cultural anthropology and social awareness into classrooms using virtual reality experiences and empathic intelligence exercises.

Designed as a 10-week learning program, H360’s first module focuses on socio economic and globally pressing issues. Developed by cultural anthropologists in conjunction with organizations such as Amnesty International, Humanity360 is designed for students from ages 13 to 16 to introduce them to new topics each week, through the eyes of an individual in a different part of the world who faces the daily challenges of their particular situation.  

Students learn through VR experiences and can engage with ideas in new ways. Each program is designed to foster empathy and encourage action.

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our tribe and life blood

Taya Pocock
Taya Pocock

Founder/Executive Director Taya Pocock's background as a cultural anthropologist, educator and multi-media agency owner, led her to create Humanity 360 in 2016. Inspired by a desire to assist youths in understanding the lives of folks in different parts around the world and finding their true purpose in life, she began creating the first units for Humanity 360 in 2016. Taya is a certified MBSR teacher and a certified facilitator of Compassionate Integrity Training.

Daniel Huber
Daniel Huber

Photographer/Multimedia Creator Daniel Huber's experience as the co-owner of a media company creating rich media/VR content has proven to be vital in creating the VR units for Humanity 360. He has been involved with Humanity 360 since its inception and has a keen understanding of media design and the impact media can have.

Amy Berg.jpg
Amy Berg

Amy Berg runs Revolutionary Content, a fundraising and communications firm that specializes in working with emerging non-profits and individual artists. Amy has two decades of experience researching and writing grants, building sustainable fundraising plans, creating artist statements, and going back and forth about the Oxford comma.

Laura Talarsky-Stevens
Laura Talarsky Stevens

Laura Talarsky Stevens is a writer, editor, and teacher based in Tucson, AZ for the last quarter century. Her astute research skills, pedagogy and excellent writing skills, make her an esteemed member of our team. Laura hails from the Garden State of New Jersey, graduated with an M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Arizona, and was a Fulbright scholar in India.

Michael Green
Michael J. Green

Michael Green has been around the block. Several times: A Viet Nam Vet, award winning landscape contractor, retired attorney & Judge Pro Tempore, Foundation Director, Green Party Congressional candidate, nationally known traveling bookseller, yoga instructor, literacy volunteer and board member both in the private and non-profit sectors.

Katherine Kuhn
Katherine Kuhn

Dr. Katherine Kuhn is an educator, who celebrates learning, compassion, and growth. She is currently serving as an administrator at The Academy of Math and Science Prince, a Blue Ribbon, Title One, Charter School in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Kuhn is dedicated to Humanity 360, and believes that a global mission bringing a sense of Common Humanity and Compassion to our children and families opens the world to being a more accepting and kind place to live. She is excited to serve as a board member.

Bernice Monkah
Bernice Monkah

Bernice holds her Master's degree in Development Economics and Policy. She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, learning, and challenging herself in the workplace. She loves running and has participated in a few half marathons, a marathon, and an ultra. She also loves traveling and getting to learn about different cultures. Her research and career interests lie at the nexus of both local and national policies to promote sustainable economic growth and development.

Asia Hart-Eason
Asia Hart-Eason

Asia Hart-Eason is a recent Social and Cultural Anthropology MSc graduate starting a diploma program in Humanitarian Action. She grew up in Cambridge, MA and Miami, FL, and attended university in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Asia has experience as a researcher, archivist, and volunteer, with a specific interest in global migration and displacement.

Linda Lehrhaupt
Linda Lehrhaupt

PhD, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA), the oldest training institute of its kind on the European Continent. As a teacher, trainer and supervisor in mindfulness-based interventions, she is recognized internationally as one of the pioneers in their implementation in health care, society and personal development.



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