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Featured Organizations

Project Provoz - Fortaleza, Brazil
Amnesty International 
Amnesty International 
Unit: Urban Poverty and Social Inequality


Make the communities of Fortaleza protagonists in building a better future through their own determination of priorities and actions, through developing effective means of communication with the government and through the space opening to revive a shared sense of community.



Promote a participatory, inclusive and transparent Fortaleza where all citizens exercise their rights of access to basic public services.



Unit: Human Rights Violations and Activism


Amnesty's mission is to undertake research and action focused on
preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental
integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from
discrimination--in the context of our work to promote all human rights, as
articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Art For Rights:

Amnesty International has a long and rich history of partnering with artists on a wide range of successful cases and campaigns. Today, the newest chapter of that history is being written with Art for Amnesty, a groundbreaking program that uses arts to help protect human rights.



Downtown Women's Center
Unit: Homelessness and Protection - Skid Row, Los Angeles


The Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) is the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women.


We envision a Los Angeles with every woman housed and on a path to personal stability. Our mission is to end homelessness for women in greater Los Angeles through housing, wellness, employment, and advocacy.



Orang Utan Republik
Unit: Wildlife and Habitat Protection - Sumatra, Indonesia


Founded in October 2004 as the Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI), the mission of the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) has remained true to its founding principles; to save the orangutans of Indonesia through conservation education, outreach initiatives and innovative collaborative programs that inspire and call people to action. In 2016 the mission was further expanded as OURF became the US chapter of The Orangutan Project, thereby embracing a much larger portfolio of projects saving orangutans and habitat. 


The founders of OUREI and OURF have always believed that saving orangutan’s means saving their forest home, the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, and that the protection of this habitat can only be ensured by the people of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The problems facing orangutans are immense, but by educating local people about their plight, the importance of their tropical rainforests and by supporting sustainable development initiatives, OURF and its partners believe the orangutan and the great forests of Indonesia and Malaysia can survive.