Humanity360 provides a platform to bring cultural anthropology and social awareness into classrooms using virtual reality experiences and empathic intelligence exercises.


Designed as a 10-week learning program, H360’s first module focuses on socio economic and globally pressing issues. Developed by cultural anthropologists in conjunction with organizations such as Amnesty International, Humanity360 is designed for students from ages 13 to 16 to introduce them to new topics each week, through the eyes of an individual in a different part of the world who faces the daily challenges of their particular situation.  


Students learn through VR experiences and can engage with ideas in new ways. Each program is designed to foster empathy and encourage action.


The following topics will be presented:


  • Human Rights - Definitions, Violations and Advocacy

  • Urban Poverty and Social Inequality

  • Food Democracy and Seed Preservation

  • Homelessness and Protection

  • Eldercare and The Generational Contract

  • Indigenous Life and Modernization

  • Climate Adaptation and Migration

  • Gender Identity and Social Acceptance

  • Wildlife and Habitat Protection

  • Pollution and Environmental Activism


Further learning segments will focus on different aspects of cultural anthropology, e.g.:

  • Food Markets/Sources and Diets Around the World

  • Religious Beliefs and Identity

  • Faces of America

  • Architecture and Dwellings

  • Historic Sites and their Cultural Significance

  • and more...



While there are unique interactive and educational aspects to each type of tour, there will be common thread interview questions and iconography used within each virtual tour in order to compare different aspects of culture and societal life.




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